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I did my weigh-in today and I am happy to say that I did not put on as much as I thought. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and gathered my courage to just get over with it. Facts are facts and can not be ignored for too long.´So here we go, the truth.

When I started HerbaLife in May 2010 my weight was 341.7 lbs. Writing it in lbs is really shocking!! Anyway, I was very disciplined with it, until September 2010 when my mother’s birthday made me slip. My weight then was 304.2 lbs. Ever since September I have been trying to get back on track but to no avail. I just couldn’t gather up the strength and ended up putting on again. My actually weight is 315.2 lbs. So I put on again, 11 lbs to be exact.

I am somewhat disappointed with myself. I took me such a long time to get to 304, I had almost reached the big 3 and still I had to put on again. Then again, I am also happy that I did not regain too much. I was still doing HerbaLife, yet I did not care about portion size or a snack now and then. Had I stopped with HerbaLife entirely, I guess I could have put on 30 lbs easily. So I am happy. Why am I happy?? Well, I really thought I regained more.

I feel really energized now. Okay, let’s sum up the facts…

May 2010 – 341.7 lbs.

Sept. 2010 – 304.2 lbs.

Feb. 2011 – 315.2 lbs.

Total weight-loss: 26,5 lbs.

Okay, now that the difficult task of just being honest with myself is out-of-the-way, let’s create a goal. This won’t be difficult I believe. I am not going to say, let’s reach 140 lbs, cause such a number is only going to discourage me. Because it will feel like I am not getting any closer, so let’s go in steps.

My first goal is 299 lbs, just to crack this number. It’s been years since I have last been there, so let’s do that. 😉

After work I will continue with the changes in my flat and do PS3 Active 2 for the first time.

Okay, I am going to enjoy my second shake today, Cookies and Cream flavour it’s 11:55 a.m. and I am getting hungry.

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Yay!! My kitchen cupboard has lost weight. 😉 Even quite a considerable amount of weight. I do have to admit that some of the stuff I got rid off had even expired. Embarrassing!! Anyway, all the food that was unhealthy and hadn’t expired, went into a box to be picked up by my sister for family consumption.

This clear-out even made some space for my HerbaLife stuff. I do have a very small kitchen after all. So now, off to cleaning my flat and remove any excessive weight here.

Yay, Janet go!!

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I started writing about my attempt to lose weight using another blog, yet this “old” blog was lacking some things that I wanted to implement, thus I ended up here. I am going to slowly upload all the things that I wrote about so far.

So here goes what happened before…

Feb. 12th 2011  – Phase I –

 There we go. Phase one is starting today. I just decided to clear out my kitchen, get rid of all the stuff I deem unhealthy. Yay! Here we go.

PHASE I – Clear-out

You know how it is, after work you pass by the supermarket and while being hungry you do your shopping. Yeah, right and the inevitable happens, you buy stuff that you don’t really need or that you should not be eating in the first place. Well, some of that stuff has been sitting in my kitchen cupboard for some time now and it’s time for it to go.

But hey, then again supermarkets are really dangerous places to dwell! They put up all sorts of new stuff that looks interesting and yummy and you end up dropping it into the cart before the brain has even had a chance to process the pro’s and con’s. Or the why’s for that matter. Man, I could spend quite some time in supermarkets, not actually buying so much but wandering through the aisles and basically feeding the brain. With “oh’s” and “yummy’s” and “mh’s” and ending up buying just a few of those things my brain seems to consider especially interesting.

From now on I am going to allow my brain only imaginary calorie intake by looking, yet not buying. Of course I am not going to stop eating. I want to improve my health not deteriorate it! Therefore healthy food will be allowed. 

 After Phase I, which will include clearing out what I don’t need or shouldn’t be having, and also a thorough cleaning of my flat I am going into Phase II. Yay, I am looking forward to this and once my headache will be gone I am starting – no, this is no excuse, it’s just killing me right now.

Phase II will be HerbaLife combined with only healthy food and workout. I got myself some dumb bells and the PS3 game Active 2. Also I am hoping to get a stepping board and a video accompanying it for my birthday. That would be nice.

Once I start with PII, I am going to have a weigh-in. That will be Monday I guess…*ohoh* I am a little scared.

I have no current picture – I have to post one though…

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