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Yes, things are moving again…

I was a little busy this weekend and thus didn’t manage to post any updates. despite my lack of regular writing, I still stepped on the scale on Saturday.

My weight that day was 280 lbs. That’s a loss of 2 lbs from last weeks weigh-in. The exact numbers were 280.5 lbs., unfortunately I am not sure whether I will keep that number.

While I only have salad and shakes during the week, I usually have some carbs during the weekends, as was the case this Sunday. I had some Ramen on Sunday, which was totally okay calorie-wise. I had one slice of toast with the Ramen and I think that toast ruined everything. I am certain that there was something wrong with that bread since I got a terrible stomach ache and spend the better part of Monday morning on the toilet.

Once I felt a little better, I started craving food but it wasn’t the normal craving you have when thinking about certain foods. It was a more essential craving due to the minerals and liquids I had lost…

So instead of my usual shake, I went for a normal eating day and had a sandwich in the morning. Some sausages with ketchup and sour bread for lunch and some two soft cookie later in the afternoon. I didn’t binge, which I am quite proud of.

Today, I am feeling better and I am also back on the shakes. It’s chocolate with banana today. Yummy.

All is well and I can do it!!

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