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Do you know days where you really want to eat because you are just soooo hungry but you know that your calories are used up or you just shouldn’t eat??

Oh my…

The weekend was tough on me, seriously.

Let me explain – usually I eat carbs during the weekend and I don’t have any shakes while doing so. Now, since my weight-loss has been giving me some trouble recently – plateau, go down 1 lb – plateau – go down 1 lb plateau … You get the picture, right?

Anyway, this is what’s been going on recently, so I decided to cut the carbs almost entirely last weekend. Actually I am planning to cut them entirely for the weekends to come. Why? Because of the weight fluctuations that my carb weekends would generate.

It’s normal for me to be up some 6-8 lb every Monday, ja, crazy isn’t it?? And it would take me the entire week to get back to my Saturday weight or a tiny bit below – we are talking 0.2 lbs down….

I need to make clear here, that I don’t binge at all…and that I am still maintaining a healthy balance during the weekends.

While I managed to cope with it great the past few month I have now come to a point where I am no longer coping fine. No, it basically irritates me and it makes me feel as though I am actually not moving at all. Feeling like a yo-yo is more like it.

That is the reason why I decided to drop the carbs, or rather reduce them quite a lot, which was very difficult for me last weekend.

Does anyone of you crave normal things?? Things like scrambled egg, or a simple slice of bread with cheese and tomatoes?? This is really weird for me because back in the days I would crave chocolate, fries, crisps and stuff – all the unhealthy things that clog your veins and that will make your scale go “Please, only one person at a time…!” Not good!! But now, I crave simple scrambled eggs or some lean chicken breast.

Now since I didn’t want to go yo-yo again, I decided to have only very few carbs this weekend. I had scrambled eggs with some bread on Saturday for lunch and for dinner I went back to having a salad with my self-made mustard based dressing. On Sunday I had some fruit quark in the morning and another salad for dinner. So I managed to stay away from potatoes, rice and noodles but it was hard. I really wanted to eat some more carbs but I stayed focused!!

Anyway, considering that the weekend was really tough, mentally, I actually saw results.

Before mentioning the changes I need to get to my weigh-in from Saturday.

While I experienced a-tiptoe movement of my weight, I actually still managed to get back down to last weeks weigh-in. Meaning I stayed the same. My weight on Saturday was still 278 lbs. There were some 0. something changes downwards but since I don’t acknowledge those anymore, I have to consider my weight the same as before.

Yet, when I stepped on the scale this Monday, I was relieved because I didn’t go up some 6 or 8 lbs again, instead it was only 2 lbs. This looks good and I am hoping that when I step on the scale next Saturday, I will see some moving results.

So for now, all is well.

I need to start my workout on the Wii now, so off I am. 😉

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