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Yesterday, after I returned from work, I was so looking forward to the new game and I was full of anticipation whether the game had actually arrived. And yes, there is was in my mailbox.

At this point I was wondering, whether this game was going to bring me hours and hours of fun and exercise??

So of course I changed to the new game, after stamping the date on the Wii Fit Plus.

Like so many other games, at the beginning you have to answer a few questions, like weight, height, date of birth an alike.

You also choose an avatar but the options are not as vast as with the Wii Fit. You can change the hair color and the colors on the outfit, that’s it.After that you can choose between a male and female trainer. I chose the female trainer and have to admit that she started bothering me quite early. Her endless comments and the repeating interruptions, while I only wanted to start moving.

Those interruptions only occurred during the beginning of the game, later one, her comments become less.

Okay, basically you can use either the balance board, nunchuk and controller or the dance mat.

You walk on the spot and try to step to the beat, basically. In the upper left corner you see (sorry the picture is rather bad) a rectangular area where blue or golden dots rush through. The speed at which they do, depend on the rhythm and speed of the playing song. Above this area, you can see a little walking red-figure. That’s you, or rather this represents you when it comes to stepping in time. The feet of this figurine have to hit the ground exactly when the blue or golden dots rush by right underneath it. 

If your timing is right your score is PERFECT, if you are a little too fast or slow, it is either GREAT or nothing.

Okay, in the upper center of the screen there are three empty circles, these circles can be filled with stuff to build or collect. While you walk through the game, there are spheres to the side of the roads which you can activate by pressing “A”, when targeted with the controller. Those spheres then move to one of the three circles above and depending on the value of those objects – remember, they represent stuff to build or collect, like new songs – you have to make so and so many steps to get them.

Like, when you click on one of those spheres, it could contain a palm tree for instance. Now that palm tree is worth 70 steps and once you have done 70 PERFECT steps, that tree is build.

I guess that should be enough for a first insight. I have done the game yesterday and today.

Yesterday I did 3.8 km and used 8748 steps to do that. I burned 406 calories, according to the game.

I started playing the game using my balance board but after the game started telling me every 2 seconds not to jump on the board – AND I WASN’T JUMPING – I changed to the nunchuk and controller.

It was fun to play and the only negative comment I can give as of today is, that I don’t like the fact that the game doesn’t show you how many calories you have burned, looking back. If you stop the day and turn it on later, there is no way to see how many calories you burned during the last workout because the game adds up all calories.

That should be all about the game for now, I am really tired, today was a little exhausting but more of that tomorrow.

All is well…

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Oh my, the day has again too few hours for me. I just worked out with the new game I ordered on Thursday, the game STEP TO THE BEAT. Interesting but more about it tomorrow.

I still need to eat, which I actually don’t feel like doing since it is already so late but I will do it anyway in order to meet my calorie goal, at least somehow. I also still need to take a shower and read an email.  It’s already 8:40 pm and by 9 I should be in bed…an impossible task today it seems.

Anyway, here my food and workout update from yesterday…

I managed the bicycle island expert course eventually in 23 minutes…

Worked out 64 minutes in total…

Burned 535 calories…

and did cook…

The cauliflower could have deserved a little more salt…but it was okay

Now, I have 7 minutes left, to eat, take a shower and read the mail…

I am off!!

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The weekend is over and I am actually happy to be back at the office. It’s good every now and then to have no plans for the weekend. It really is!! Actually I had thought that I might have one of those weekends but the fact that Torsten had asked me to translate the business terms for his first aid courses kept haunting me. Eventually I decided to use Sunday to continue translating it.

Oh man…there were a few occasions when I really wanted to have a go at Ronny, who had created the German versions of these business terms. Some of his sentences were so “GERMAN” and there is just no way to translate it into English without changing the entire sentence structure. Other words just don’t exist in English and I had to find ways of describing it most of the time, which of course change the meaning to some extent. This thing really keeps bugging me… Damn, and the teaching materials haven’t even been translated. I am not sure how to fit everything into my days from here on.

I need to cuddle with the cats – which can’t be avoided, since Kaya keeps disturbing me unless I take the time and allow her to sleep on my shoulder. I also need to do my workouts and I still need to cook before it is too late. I’ll have to see how to combine it all because I am supposed to have my first English training this coming Saturday. Actually I was supposed to teach last Saturday but managed to get the date changed.

Anyway, I managed to work out yesterday. I didn’t do my usual routine but focused on one relaxed island cycling of 30 minutes and then did another 15 minutes of “Wii-running”.  So I managed to burn only 228 calories but considering how I felt for the most part of the weekend, I am happy to have worked out at least once. Today I will try to manage another 60 something minutes, since I am feeling better.

Oh, there was one thing that I wanted to write about. I ordered another Wii game last Thursday, it hasn’t yet arrived but I am looking forward to it. The european title of the game is “STEP TO THE BEAT” and it is a Konami game. I didn’t know whether it is an English language game since I wasn’t able to find it on Play.com, a Great Britain based online shop. But upon searching again, I eventually found it on Amazon.com. Obviously the American title is “WALK IT OUT”. Check out the product information from Amazon.com

Get off the couch and get moving to the beat of over a hundred hot songs! Step to the beat of hot hits like the Black Eyed Peas’s “Boom Boom Pow” and Demi Lovato’s “La La Land” and explore a unique in-game world you create with each step you take! It’s a fun and easy way for the whole family to get their hearts pumping!… Get a visual feel for how well you’re doing through charts and graphs that show burned calories, distance traveled, steps taken and more! Play with the peripheral of your choice! Accepts input from the DanceDanceRevolution Wii Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or Wii Balance Board.

The game sounds pretty terrific, not in terms of any revolutionary new workout strategy, or special moves to burn as many calories as possible but in terms of motivation. On Amazon.de all the critics are positive and enthusiastic. I don’t yet know when the game will arrive but I am really looking forward to it.

Have a look at a YouTube video.

Okay, time’s up. I need to go home now….mh, thinking about cauliflower for this afternoon… and a nice long workout. 😉

All is well.



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So, now this is the second week since I changed my food intake to complex carbs and meat with little fat, like chicken, turkey or some fish. I am still doing Herbalife but changed the rest.

Let’s be honest here – there have been so many plateaus within the last few month that I am sure it will take me at least two more month in order to abandon my scale fright that has developed over the past six month or so. It will take some time to realize that things can be different.

Come to think of it, there were only very few occasions which I would consider a decent loss within the last 12 month. Actually there were two occasions, – not considering the one last week, which was great to say the least, – one was in February 2011 after I had such a high fever that I lost 8 lbs in two days. The other occasion was sometime in September last year, when I lost like 4 lbs in one week, after helping during the renovations of an apartment owned by Harun’s family. These occasions though, were once in a blue moon occasions. I think my usual loss amounted to about 1 lbs every three weeks.

So now I know, that my old plan doesn’t really work, and that it makes being on a weight-loss journey really hard on yourself. That plan was wrong and consisted of the following basic rules, which please do not follow because, one, they were “MY” rules and two, they are not true!!! Those rules make you one miserable, unhappy camper *seriously*:  

  • don’t work out, cause you gain when you workout and the psychological effects of gaining are devastating
  • keep your calories intake as low as possible
  • and finally make yourself believe that everything is going splendid!!

Now, this is a journey, right??

Some of us might come from an unhappy place and decide to lose weight, others might do it for health reason, again others might not have realized for the longest time, what they had done to their bodies and/or might have a somewhat skewed perspective of themselves, like in my case.

Anyway, the point being is, that this is a journey and we all start out at different points, we take different routes, pass different junctions at different times and with different states of minds but we all want the same – lose weight, change our lives, become more active, become more healthy, be a role model for their children or people in general.

All these wishes can never be achieved by waiting for a fairy to do it for us, but by us changing, by taking control, by being accountable.

I know now that I took a few wrong turns and made things harder on myself but I am also content with these wrong decisions, because now I know because I learn from my experience.

Coming back to the journey comparison. Just the same as we travel through life, we travel through weight-loss, take wrong turns, sometimes make a wrong decision, reassess situations and learn from our experiences.

Even though I might be 18 month in total into my journey, I am still learning and the fact that I am still learning is great. It keeps me motivated and makes me wanna go on.

Anyway, after getting this off my chest, I also want to say thank you. Thank you to all you guys here, who help me learn and stay motivated.

You rock!!! 🙂

Now, let’s get to my weigh-in. I was worried that last weeks result might have been an illusion – but no, it wasn’t.

I stepped on the scale this morning and my weight had changed a tiny bit. I am still at 274 lbs but can report a loss of  -0.4 lbs, compared to last week. That doesn’t sound like much but actually it is!! Because one, no gain is a loss, and two, I am right in the middle of my period right now, so I am actually retaining water.

So I will have to wait until next Saturday, to see whether I actually lost anything. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a loss of last weeks magnitude every week, that is impossible, but having some time off from plateaus would really be wonderful for a change.

Oh one other thing, yesterday I just couldn’t work out, the first days of my period always knock me out physically. I was so beat yesterday that I collected my cats around 8 pm and went to bed.

Have a wonderful weekend people.

All is well…

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Since there isn’t much going on in my life at the moment, let me just look back at my workouts and the various food choices I made. 😉


67 minutes workout

535 calories burnt

Curry broccoli with turkey


69 minutes workout

546 calories burned and woohoo, I managed to finish the Wii Fit Plus bicycle island expert course in 24 minutes…woohoo!!!

Blissful salad, I know I didn’t meet my calorie goal yesterday but I so wanted a salad. 😉


It was a shorter workout today, “only” 45 minutes, 30 minutes of the bicycle island free course and 15 minutes of “running”.

322 calories burnt…

 And finally today I had another Curry broccoli turkey something.

And now ladies and gents, I am off to the shower and bed. Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to it. I still might need to check out some vocabulary, since I don’t know whether I will teach a course on Saturday or not.

Song of the day is Elton John with Don’t go breaking my heart

All is well

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As promised, here follows the second part of the enormous carnival weekend post. So, here goes Sunday.


I got up around 8:30 am I guess and took a shower before getting into my Red Cross uniform again. Around 9 am, I called Hassan (RC boss) to make sure I could park my scooter at the Hansahaus. The carnival parade always passes the Hansahaus and I wouldn’t want my scooter to be damaged. Once before somebody tried to steal my scooter when I had parked it in front of the Red Cross headquarter. That was the scooter I had before.

Anyway, after Hassan told me I could park there, I had some bread for breakfast and left for the assignment. It was 11 am when I got there.

All Red Cross volunteers meet at the Hansahaus before for the carnival parade. 

I enrolled with Walter who he is always responsible for registering all volunteers in order be aware of all our whereabouts during and after the parade. As always Hassan’s wife Michaela and her twin sister Martina had prepared some coffee and doughnuts for everyone. I took a coffee and left the doughnut untouched, then I went downstairs to talk to some of my colleagues. Ronny and Torsten arrived while I was standing outside with my coffee.

Eventually Hassan started calling up names and put together the groups. More and more people left and I was left wondering what Hassan was planning to do, since all the people I get along well with were eventually gone.

Eventually Hassan called my name and added Ramona and Alica as part of my group. I was given a radio and our orders and off we went. Our position was at the Kurpark  at the corner of the Koblenzer street.

Peter our unit doctor, Alica, Ramona and me. I seriously need new trousers, those are just barely kept up by my hips. 

We had stood there for approx. 30 minutes when we were radioed to return to the Hansahaus to have dinner. After having some pea soup, we once again returned to our position.

The parade started at around 1:20 pm, here Alica is trying to keep all the children in check. There have been parades where people were run over, so for those groups that stand at one specific position, as we did at that point, this is the main objective. Keep the children from being run over. Well, sometimes even adults aren’t better and need to be asked to move back or be grabbed before they realize that some sweets on the street aren’t worth being injured for.

The main objective of the spectators is to shout “Kamelle, Kamelle” and “Alaaf, Alaaf!” and fight for the sweets that are in turned thrown into the crowd.

Some musicians paused right in front of me and I couldn’t resist. 😉

We kept that position until all the vehicles had passed, which took about two hours. After informing the headquarter, which was called “Aescola Bonn 5“, by the way, we were told to follow the “Prinzenwagen”, that is the vehicle with the carnival prince of Bad Godesberg on it. Oh my, that meant following the entire parade till the end.

By the way, the radio names were seriously tough this time. My group was called “Aescola Bonn 5-99-2“, so in order to radio Hassan I had to say. “Aescola Bonn 5 from Aescola Bonn 5-99-2 come in” I always had to focus before saying anything. I am sure that at least once, I got something mixed up.

Anyway, so we rushed to the group that was already accompanying the prince’s vehicle, so that they could leave.

This is the Theaterplatz, where the people are always very aggressive and crazy.

We  walked the entire rest of the distance until the parade came to an end, almost at Ronny’s place. Via radio we were told to return by foot since all the RC vehicles were in use. AAAAAHHH, I know it’s good for me to walk, but my feet were already killing me at this point.

Back at the Hansahaus I had another two coffee and NO DOUGHNUT. I was about to leave when it suddenly started snowing and I had to wait about ten minutes before I was able to leave with my scooter.


So at home, I ate another slice of bread, took a shower, changed into my carnival outfit – again, the nurse thingy – I know it’s lame but I forgot to organise a new costume. After I had changed I took a taxi to the Sweetheart bar.

It was crowded hardly 30 minutes after I had arrived, everyone in this picture is Red Cross, by the way.

It was really great but see for yourself. 😉






Here comes the alcohol part…I had 4 beer, size 0.2, then I stopped and had a coke and later I had 4 more beer and another coke, in that order. Apart from that I was invited to 2 green schnaps called waldmeister and 1 tequila with salt and everything. Never had it before. I wasn’t wasted but let’s just say it was a funny night.

Ronny arrived from an assignment when I had my second coke at about 11 pm. He had come with an ambulance and was dead sober of course. I asked him whether they, (Kevin and Herbert had accompanied him) would take me along and drop me off at home later.

We had fun while driving to Beuel to drop of Herbert…


We left the bar at around 12:30 am and drove to Beuel, to drop Herbert off. We had just turned the car, when Ronny’s phone rang and a colleague was on the line asking us to return to the bar with oxygen, since a female colleague had collapsed.

Now from here onwards I am going to be cryptic, since I don’t want to make fun about anyone,  but just tell what happened. In order to do so, I need to rewind the evening a little bit.

The one person who eventually collapsed arrived at the party with a daringly décolleté dress and a corsage. Which is not bad, maybe too much but …anyway that is not the point. It was a little too much, even I had difficulties to focus on her face and I am into men.

Anyway, the moment she took off her jacket, the guys started courting her, inviting her for drinks and one guy in particular thought it funny, to write his name on her décolleté. I tried to stop him, told him that this was not funny and that she might be considered a slut if she allowed it.

Unfortunately she allowed it. I told her to wash it off but instead, she allowed more and more people to sign and she was sober by that time. I am not showing any pictures of her here since I don’t want to promote such behavior, not the girls behavior, not the behavior of the guys.

Anyway, she started flirting with one guy in particular. I soon lost sight of her and only before I left, I saw that this guy had drawn a heart on her left breast and written his mobile number in it. With a permanent marker. By that time the beer had kicked in and since I had tried to stop her before, I didn’t consider it my job anymore, after all she is also 30 plus.

Now back to our trip to Beuel. So after the phone call we turned the car around and returned to Bad Godesberg. Two guys from the party had brought her home and obviously she had collapsed soon after they had entered her flat.

I was not capable to assist anyone in my state and I think allowing myself to get drunk twice a year – at new year’s and carnival – must be allowed!!

Anyway, while Ronny took the oxygen and Kevin followed him inside, I waited outside and talked to Brenig and Korting, two RC colleagues who had also been informed about what had happened. Ronny came outside to have a smoke and told us that he had called an ambulance (we are not allowed to drive people with our ambulance).

The ambulance arrived shortly after but the girl refused to accompany them and only after two other colleagues had agreed to stay with her over night and after she had signed a treatment refusal, she was left in their care. 

I sat down in the staircase in front of her door and waited for Ronny and Kevin.

It was almost 2 am when I eventually got home and I fell asleep instantly.

Song of the day is Michel Telo with Ai Se Eu Te Pego

All is well…

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Wow, I am still exhausted from the weekend and all the carnival hassle. Actually I wanted to blog before going to bed yesterday, but I soon discovered that the day had too few hours for me to finish this massive post, so I had to give up last night. Anyway, I will try to write something about every day, starting with Friday.

FRIDAY – afternoon till early morning…

I drove home from work early on Friday, on the way back home I did my shopping and then stopped at Ronny’s for a coffee. I then hurried home, took a shower and changed into my Red Cross uniform. Hopped back on my scooter and drove to Ronny again, where Torsten picked us up some 30 minutes later.

We arrived at the Bad Godesberg town hall at around 5 pm, set up the treatment areas and then made a few rounds to assess the situation. There were hardly any people inside but at least 300 were still waiting outside in the cold to be let in. The event was described as a youth Carnival disco.

They opened the doors at around 6 pm and people started rushing inside. The crowd basically consisted of teenagers between 16 and 19 y.o.

For those of you who don’t know, it is legal in Germany for 16 y.olds to drink alcopops, a fizzy drink with about 3 % alcohol in it. And those bars kept that stuff coming. When Ronny and I went to get ourself something to drink – something non-alcohol that is – the youth all looked at us, as if we were some kind of alien life form.

I didn’t know that being 30 plus could feel so weird.;)

Ronny and me, obviously we are soooooooo old!!!

We had four patients during that night. Two arrived when I was alone in the room. My first patient was a teenage girl who had gotten into an altercation with another girl, while waiting in line in front of the girls restroom. The other girl had hit her in the face, resulting in a bleeding and the fear of a broken nose. Interesting was one statement of the defeated girl.

“I don’t understand why she did it. She is a beautiful girl… of course, had she been ugly, I would have understood, since ugly people are aggressive, but she was really beautiful.”

I sat next to her, suppressed a bitter grin and tried to leave my face as friendly and as void of any emotions that this statement was provoking in me, as possible. I seriously didn’t want her to pursue that topic, thinking I might say something unappropriated if she continued.

Anyway, about one hour after she had left, another group of girls stormed into our room – again, I was alone at that point – asking for water but being rather uncoordinated in doing so. I was about to tell them to leave again, when I realized one girl, all the way in the back, hardly visible behind the girls. Her hands were placed on her chest, just slightly below her collar bones and she was obviously having breathing difficulties. I dived through the girls and asked her whether she would like to come with me and sit over there for a moment.

My first hyperventilation!!! Nine years of volunteering and this was the first time I ever saw it in person. I motioned her to the chair, placing my hand on her shoulder and lead her slightly. She allowed it and seemed glad to meet someone who knew what had to be done.

I sat down next to her and asked her in a very controlled and calm voice, whether she would like to breath into a bag. She nodded frantically and I took a plastic bag from Ronny’s emergency bag and explained to her how to breath into the bag. Her oxygen level was 99 % and her pulse was quite fast but steady. 144 beats. It took us about 10 minutes until she had calmed down to the extent that she was able to answer a few questions.

Obviously, she can’t stand crowded places and is known to suffer from panic attacks in crowded situation. To be absolutely thorough, we took her blood pressure and blood sugar levels to which she agreed. After being certain that she wasn’t diabetic, I asked her whether she would like some dextrose as a psychological measure since she was still trembling.

She took the dextrose and called her father to be picked up. As Torsten walked by, I glanced at him and he gave me a “get-going-girl-look”.

Since the security outside had their hands full and wasn’t really in control of the situation, Torsten was worried that any moment now we might have to deal with lot’s of patients.

So, I send one of the patient’s friends to fetch their jackets and got them ready to go. She was stable, so there was no reason to prolong her stay. 

She thanked us and went her way.

For the rest of the night we played cards in between our rounds and the party was over about 1:15 am. If you have missed last Saturday’s post, then you might not know how the night continued. Read about the rest of the night here.

I am going to divide the report on the weekend into two parts and continue tomorrow. Time management is the key. Now I still need to cook and try to beat Julie’s score on the Wii Fit Plus Expert bicycle island.

So let me finish this post with Saturday.I did the Expert course in 30 minutes and burned 266 calories. The link will direct you to dailymotion.com and the video to show I actually managed it in 30  minutes. 🙂

This time I was really drenched in sweat, compared to other workouts.

And to finish this post, here my dinner from Saturday, chicken meat, with salad.

Melancholic song of the day is Sting with Shape of my heart.

All is well.



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I wanted to write about last Thursday, Women Carnival Day but other things kept coming up, that’s why I haven’t yet reported on the events of that day.

So let’s do a fast forward through the day.

5:00 am. – got up looking like that. 😉

7:00 am. – got changed into my carnival costume to make my colleagues smile and lighten the mood of having to work on my birthday

11:00 am. – got my birthday present at work, 800 documents that need to be processed and labelled…

4:00 pm. – dinner, consisting of salad, a chunk of chicken meat and one potato, cut into thin layers and prepared in a pan.

6:00 pm. – workout time – managed the expert course of the Wii Fit Plus in 37 minutes.


Burnt 332 calories.

9:00 pm. – bedtime.

Now, I am getting changed for the Red Cross carnival party at the Sweetheart, a bar in Bad Godesberg. Will write about it tomorrow,


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I am flabbergasted!

A few hours ago, I stepped on my scale…

I had slept in today, lying in bed, thinking about the scale that is sitting on my bathroom floor. I knew I had to muster up the courage to step on it today.

After last night, where I was on an assignment for the Red Cross at a Carnival event with a few colleagues, I was rather tired and stayed in bed until it was almost 11 am. I don’t usually stay in bed that long, even during the weekends but I got home at 2 am and after dropping into my bed, I couldn’t find any sleep and I was so freezing cold.

After the carnival event had ended, Ronny had dropped me at his flat, where I had parked my scooter. Yet, while I exited the ambulance one of our colleagues, Ramona had called Ronny and told him that somebody had tried to break into her apartment and that the police had told her they had no time for this at the moment, so Torsten, Jost and Ronny turned the ambulance around to drive back to her and wait for the police with her.

I stood there and watched the ambulance as it turned around. I had thought they would continue on and drop Jost off at his place but instead they turned around and I felt bad. I started my scooter and had driven about 50 meter towards my flat when I couldn’t bear the bad conscience anymore and so I also turned my scooter around and drove through the freezing cold towards Ramona to see what was going on.

When I arrived they all stood in and in front of Ramona’s front doorway. Somebody had tried to force his way into her flat, obviously he had tried to pry open her door. There were signs of a pry bar on the door and the frame.

Upon failing to enter this way, that person must have tried entering via the bedroom window and had succeeded to force open the window almost completely. A person must have easily fitted through that opening  but nothing was stolen. Apart from the flowerpot that was about to fall off the window sill in front of the gaping window, everything seemed undisturbed.

Just a moment after Ramona had shown me the damages, the door bell rang and two police officers arrived. With leather gloves on and flashlights they inspected the damage. I know that Ramona has her suspicions who might be the perpetrator and Ronny, who knows too, didn’t want everyone else, in this case Jost, to hear Ramona tell her life story to the police officers, so he urged us towards the door and we excused ourselves and left.

I rushed home eventually and by the time I got back home I was almost frozen solid. So I crawled into my bed and was really cold, so cold that I eventually had to get up again and turn on the heater all the way. Then I snug back into bad where Kaya kept me awake for another two hours before she eventually accepted that I wanted to sleep and not cuddle her all night – the remaining night anyway.

That’s why I slept so long.

Anyway, after worrying about my possible gain, I finally got up went to the bathroom and stepped on the scale.

Unbelievable…seriously, that can’t be.

I turned off the scale again, moved it to another position and checked again. The numbers shifted to the same weight, blinked a moment and then stopped blinking.

That meant, this is your weight Janet!

The numbers today – – – – – 274 lbs!!!!!

That is no gain, as expected. That is a loss of 5 lbs!!!! A loss of 5 lbs in one week. LIKE WHAT??? What’s going on here??

After doing hardcore workouts, which usually result in a gain for me and after changing my entire diet to more protein and complex crabs, I actually lost. And I didn’t lose like one pound, this is actually a real loss! WOW – there you go I am flabbergasted.

Thanks all you guys for your support and for hanging in there with me. YOU ROCK!!

All is swell!!!

Song of the day is Dat is Jeil by Brinks. The title is colon dialect and means “That is awesome!”

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Chapter one

You and I, forever best friends. Let’s conquer the world…

Chapter two

INTERMISSION – You don’t like me for a year…

Chapter three

Let’s never do that again – best friends forever…

Chapter four

THE END IS NEAR – You talk a lot and blame me for everything…

Chapter five

APOCALYPSE NOW – The explosion of Mount Janet, she wants to talk – you refuse to listen. The eruptions are deadly for the first time and they devour Facebook accounts and mobile numbers.

Then silence…


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