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It’s 3:15 pm and actually I should be sleeping now but instead I am sitting here watching some TV and blogging about my food choices yesterday.

Well, now it’s too late anyway. It’s only a little more than one hour and I have to be leaving to get to Ronny. The both of us are on Red Cross duty this night. There is a university ceremony in the Maritim Hotel this evening and it probably won’t end before 4 am tomorrow.

It will be only Ronny and myself and I hope the crowd there will behave. I am not yet sure whether it’s going to be students at the event or their parents, so we’ll have to see.

I have to pick up Ronny, drop him at the vehicle hall and then drive back home to get changed. I am not going there in full uniform yet since the weather is terrible, lots of rain and since it’s an indoor event we chose to wear all white. That’s why we have to do a little bit more driving before changing. Ronny has no car, so we have to pick up a car at the vehicle hall first.

We could probably do it all with my scooter, but adding my weight, Ronny’s weight, a 25 pound emergency backpack and a bag with oxygen is stretching the capacities of my scooter a little too thin. 

Oh by the way, I haven’t yet written about the fact that I got a new pair of pants from my RC boss… AND … a new jacket but I will write about that tomorrow I guess.

Okay, I got to think about what to eat before I go…

Here what I had/did yesterday, I slammed that ZUMBA 2 with all I had…well, basically after 20 minutes I begged it to stop already. 😉

DAY 25

I hope you all enjoy your weekends.

The song of the day is the Wankelmut Remix of One Day

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