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I am the weakest link, at least I felt like one today – I am proud though!!I just returned from another extensive hike in the woods… and I am totally beat now. My feet are swollen and I am only limping from one sitting opportunity to the other. 😉

I wanted to go for a hike today but when I got up this morning at 7 am, I wasn’t so sure anymore. The sky was clouded, it was quite windy and the temperature had dropped considerably. Also I still felt the course I did yesterday and was a little squeamish I guess.

So I waited a little longer, had my milk coffee and typed in what I ate yesterday. Around 8:45 am I eventually got into my workout cloth and drove over to Ronny’s place since he had told me last week that he would have liked to come along. I woke him and made some coffee while he was still convincing himself to get out of bed. I put on some Timberlake CD and when the coffee was ready, Ronny had eventually detached himself from bed.

Eventually at 9:45 am we left his place and walked to the entrance of the Kottenforst forest. Ronny was just as surprised and excited about the trail and the nature around it, as I had been last weekend. Every now and then we stopped to look at some spectacular scenery, or the ravines next to the main path.

At that point we hadn’t come far yet, we were still at the steep parts, only 100 meters into the forest

We took the same route I had taken the week before and I even showed Ronny where I had turned around because I was sure that I was no longer on the right path.

Ronny all – oh we can still walk on here, no problem!!!

While he wanted to continue to follow that narrow path, I managed to convince him that since I had never gotten any shots against diseases transmitted by ticks, he eventually agreed and we walked back to the road that cuts through the forest.

We past a small pond, entirely covered with duckweed. It looked rather scary. 😉

Duckweed al over that pond. Ronny suggested I should walk around that pond and climb the branch which almost touches the water in the middle 🙂
I suggested he should do that!!

We went past a small pond, entirely covered with duckweed.

Ronny insisted on that picture…

After we returned to the road we followed it up east I guess and walked on and on and on. Eventually after one more seemingly unattended path we got to a signboard and tried to find our way by looking at it.

Our hike is marked by the circular symbol – so now we thought we knew where we were going – how wrong we were…

Just like the week before, when I “hiked” alone, we didn’t get past signboard no. 4. I am sure we would have walked the entire thing, had we actually been able to just FIND those damn board but despite us being on the right trail, in parts at least, we didn’t manage to find sign board no. 5, or any other for that matter!!

Our position on the picture above wasn’t on the part that Ronny took the picture of, we were actually somewhere above the frame.

We made a detour and added 2 more kilometers just to see this sign?? You gotta be kidding me!!!

We kept on walking though and I was even bold enough to suggest leaving the trail for 2 extra kilometers to see an archeological digging site – after getting there we decided not to be lead off trail again. Archeological digging site my a** – really!

My feet were hurting already and TOM was saying hi…

Anyway, we walked and walked and walked and eventually we got to a place were the hiking became walking because there were no more steep part, or hardly any. When we reached a tiny hut, I demanded a pause, while Ronny tried to keep me from sitting down. I told him that he should think about the German saying that the chain is only as strong as the weakest link of it.

While I am sure that I would beat Ronny in a ZUMBA competition, when hiking or long distance walking, I am still carrying almost twice his weight, so he should keep that in mind. 😉

I really enjoyed hiking with Ronny but I think he misinterpreted his role on this hike a little bit. I didn’t take him along so that he could push me to do better. He can do that later, when I have gotten a bit more used to hiking but as for now, I am still trying to get comfortable with walking in the forest.

Whenever I mentioned that I had enough he kept on pushing me to go on and on and on. The thing is, I knew that we had to walk back all the way we had come and only wanted to push myself to a point at which I knew I can still manage the way back. He ended up pushing me until I knew I was hardly able to manage the way back. Actually we ended up so far away from Friesdorf, my part of town, that I insisted on taking the bus down the hill of Schweinheim – two parts of town over. We ended up walking for 3.5 hours up and down hill.

When we entered the bus at the Waldkrankenhaus (Forest hospital in Schweinheim) we asked the driver how many stops we would have to drive in order to get off that part of town and how much it would be. He told us we would have to get off after 8 minutes and insisted that we don’t pay the fare. Now that was cool. When do you ever met a bus driver who tells you that he is taking you for free??

From the stop where we got off, we had to walk another 30 minutes before eventually we got back to Ronny’s flat and I exclaimed “I can see my scooter!!”

Oh my, I was happy to be back and famished. I hadn’t eaten all day, thinking again that it wouldn’t take so long. It was 1:40 pm when we eventually got back.

Ronny heated the rest of his yeast dumplings he had prepared the day before and we ate.

Lot’s of calories – Yeast dumplings with sweetened pears.

That’s it about today’s hike, I am really tired now and will head to bed in a moment, despite it being only 7:11 pm now.

To finish this, here is what I had yesterday…

DAY 40

I am off to bed now….

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