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A dangerous situation has come up. ūüėČ Last week Friday one of my colleagues from the office has invited me and¬†our current apprentices to some ice cream. The “ice” appointment is in about 1 hour. My colleague invited us due to the extra work that has to be dealt with at the moment and the fact that the apprentices are really helping a lot.

So I have to make a sensible choice in about one hour. I hope they have something like a popsicle or just flavored water ice to aim for only few calories.

Ice, ice and more ice … I am confused

I have no clue yet what I am going to choose – I want to stay below 100 calories…

Anyway, not much happened since yesterday Рapart from the bug bites I got from those darn horseflies РI got 2, but I am sure I managed to take my revenge on at least one of the horseflies and I am not feeling bad. NOT A TINY BIT!!

Okay, I am leaving work now and I won’t be back for the rest of the week. I am somewhat restless, thinking about the next couple of days.¬†

Me and my older sister Nicky, are going to drive up to Nordwalde tomorrow to see my Dad before his operation. On Thursday, I intended to drive down to Munich to visit a friend who joined the German Army and on Saturday I will have to drive to Nordwalde again and pack up all of my parents stuff again and move them to Meerbusch.

This will be so hectic this week.

Anyway, here is what I did/had yesterday.

DAY 41

I am off for today. Enjoy your Mondays everyone.

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