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It’s so hot outside now and so far I have not been able to pull myself together and actually go for another nordic walk. I might still do it though. I just glimpsed at my clock on the wall and realized that if I were to leave now, to do the “long” trail, I wouldn’t be back until 10:30 pm. That would mean I would be on my way back, climbing the Godesburg and thus entering the forest again in darkness, which is something I really don’t want to do.

My Mom is all over me because of me hiking in the forest. I keep on telling her that it is safe there and after all I am not going in the darkness. So, I just decided that I will do her a favor and actually nordic walk along the rails starting not far from my place. I intend to walk down to my old gym and then back. I don’t really know how far that is – let me check …

Okay, it’s 3 miles. Once that small trail next to the railroad ends, I am going to turn around and walk back. The temperature should have dropped enough by now for me to attempt the walk.

Anyway, I have been thinking about cutting down on my carbs a little, not in a way that I am doing now, basically subconsciously, without being aware, but to make conscious changes.

I have been reading a little about it and I am not yet sure about all the pro’s and con’s. I only know that I don’t want to go totally Atkins about it.

I have realized that I am eating less carbs as it is, but that’s more due to the reason that I am basically scared of pasta, rice and potatoes. Haven’t had those in month I guess. I am not as against potatoes though.

Well, I will have to look into it a little more.

What do you think?

Okay, before I leave here is what I had the last three days.

DAY 56


DAY 57

and finally

DAY 58

Okay, I am on my way now. Need to be back soon, since I am on flea market duty tomorrow.

Night you all!

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