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I just returned home from today’s flea market and I am totally drenched in sweat. Checking my pedometer, I actually didn’t move as much, I have reached just above 4000 steps.

Actually when we got ready to leave I had only accumulated 2500 steps, when things changed because we were called to a patient inside the compound. Manuel, Ronny and I were on duty and while Manuel and myself went to check how many people were still around Ronny radioed us to return to the ambulance but he sounded as if he was joking so, we continued on our round, which was only some 200 meters all together. Ronny radioed again and this time his voice was urgent and we rushed back only to find him already gone.

Manuel and I found a young woman at the ambulance who told us to follow her. So this was how I eventually managed to get a few more steps done.

When we returned to the car, we started packing up and while Manuel and Ronny went off to another assignment, I left and went home to feed the cats and as soon as I had entered the apartment, I found another little “present” Kaya had left me.


Ah well, it could have been the heat. Today it was at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit over here and not doing anything would make you sweat buckets already.

Outside the main compound – blue skies and unbearable heat. We were lucky, since people started leaving early, the first started gathering their things around 3 pm.

We were actually quite busy today. We treated some 18 patients and quite a few of them were stung by wasps or bees. We had one case were the arm was swollen from thumb to slightly above the elbow.

Curry turkey in a roll – I calculated it to have about 583 calories.

Before things got busy though, we had lunch and I really didn’t want to have any fries this time around, so I had some curry turkey in a roll with some mustard.

Oops, about 250 calories in a plastic cup

The temperature kept rising and I just thought I would have one big strawberry/Mango slush and at first this is all that I had but later in the day I was so parched and since our RC boss had only given us some two bottle of water (which were finished by then) and plenty full calorie sodas, I decided I could as well just go for another slush and cool down in the process. Of course I loved every sip of that drink but I only found out at home that I had actually gone beyond my calorie allowance and had thus slushed away my dinner.

I am quite happy now to be back at home and will first take a shower and then hop into my bed, watch some TV and then do nothing but sleep.

I am almost positive that I won’t hike/nordic/walk tomorrow, since the heat is just unbearable and after yesterday’s nordic walk – I will report on that tomorrow – I am still quite exhausted and I was really fast yesterday by the way. 😉

Anyway, here is what I had/did yesterday.

DAY 59


Night you all.

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