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Okay, I think I have had enough of trying to change everything at once. I am going to return to most of my “old” habits. I actually cancelled my last appointment with the nutritionist – not entirely though, I just changed the date. So my next appointment is in two weeks time on the 20th. These past four weeks I have been bouncing all about the place, even the slightest glance at anything “forbidden” send me spiralling out of control.

Can you imagine cheating your nutritionist with plain bread, or a tbsp of refined sugar in a skillet full of bell pepper?? I can and I did … and I payed the price for it, which was; thinking that now, since I cheated already I could just as well go all the way and have more bad stuff which I am usually not allowed. It was weird how I got from having sugar in my bell pepper, to devouring waffles or chocolate, or something. An office friend of mine told me to drop the nutritionist with the words – “She ain’t good for you Janet!”

Well, first of all … I am not going to drop her!! Well, to be honest, even if I wanted to get out, I don’t think I could get out of the contract I signed.

And seconds of all, I am not beat yet!!

So after three weeks of no progress, actually I took a few steps back I guess, I am starting with what I know and doing so meant also getting a new scale since Kaya peed my old one into oblivion. Yes, she actually peed on it and her urine went into the scale, and killed the display for good. 😦

Lovely cat, isn’t she. 😉

Anyway, so I ordered a new scale and am waiting for its arrival at the moment, I also ordered some cloth to get me motivated again and as of last Monday I am back on the wagon. All the changes she asked me to implement, the no salt, no sugar, no ice coffee and the forced times at which I am supposed to eat resulted in me hitting quite a few bumps on the road, to be exact I started craving things. Like crazy!!

The fact that I had to drop my ice coffee after work but at the same time refused to eat anything in its stead but had to wait until 6 pm before I was “allowed” to eat again caused hardcore cravings for me and I have to admit that I followed the cravings on quite a few occasions. Looks like I am still that old Janet from back when I started. It is quite sobering to see that I can easily fall back into old habits, even more so since I actually believed that I had changed beyond the point of breaking down again like that.

Anyway, since I have returned to my ice coffee I feel like I might be able to regain control. Oh and I also kicked the timing for my dinner. Now I start cooking when I get hungry and that’s it about that!!!

I had a talk with Ronny today and that made me fear that I might get to feel some heat from my nutritionist. Telling her that it was all too much … well, and that I returned to having ice coffee. I really feel the pressure at the moment since when it comes to weight-loss, I am the one who always wants to prove herself.

Well, we’ll see. Okay, what have I been up to recently. Lot’s of Red Cross is happening at the moment. Once I returned from work, I feed the cats, clean the litter box, then have about 20 minutes for my milk coffee before I change into my uniform and get going again. At the moment St. Martin is happening over here again, so we have processions every day. I was on duty Monday, Tuesday and today, Ronny and I are manning our small ambulance together and drive behind the procession in order to keep the following traffic from driving into the crowds.

Our small ambulance and Ronny

Lanterns at the side of the road

Also last weekend I instructed another first aid course for some Red Cross newbies, which turned out quite fun, despite me having to slap Torsten’s fingers since he kept interrupting my course.

Doing CPR with the help of a defibrillator

About the apartment for my parents, we are going to sign the contract on Monday. My parents will arrive on Sunday, stay over night and leave with the train after everything is settled.

Oh and by the way, after the realtor had called, telling me that we got the place, my sleeping problems disappeared and I haven’t had any further episodes of panic or alike and I hope it will stay this way. I am still going to make an appointment with my doctor to make sure since I am also interested to find out about my cholesterol levels due to all the meat I have been having these past few month. I will keep you updated on it and also try to become a regular writer again.

That’s it for today … ah one more thing, what do you guys think about the re-election of Obama, since I can only look at it from the outside, I would really like to hear about what you think.

Night folks!


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Oh my, this morning I was totally contemplating whether to go to work or not but I am happy I decided to go after all.

Something weird happened last night – I think – I am not sure though, did I dream?? Anyway, I think I jumped out of bed, took two steps into my living room, turned around once, looking right and left and then went back into bed.

So – either I am suffering from panic attacks or something might be wrong with my heart. You guys remember that I mentioned before, that I would experience this weird sensation just moments before falling asleep. I would hear my heartbeat extremely loud in my ears and then be wide awake right away.

I think I experienced some extreme version of it last night because I clearly remember jumping out of bed, wander around shortly and then return to bed … but then again I am not sure whether it was a dream after all.

So this got me a little concerned, after all I have been suffering from stomach pains for month now and stomach pains can also have meaning in that regard, so I called my doctor today but had no luck. She is on vacation until Friday and I don’t want to go to the hospital and ask them for a 24 hour ECG, cause they won’t do it. Also the doctor who is substituting for her won’t do it either, since he/she is not my doctor.

I am thinking it’s only stress but it has been going on for 2 month now, so being a medic, I should most certainly stop ignoring and figure out what’s going on. The thing is, my stress should now come to an end since I got the call today!! People, we have the apartment for my parents!!! YAY!!!

But let me start at the beginning …

Okay, my older sister and Mom arrived around 3 pm on Sunday. I had prepared some cauliflower pizza, we  ate together and they all loved it. Afterwards Nicky left again and Mom and I went for a walk. I showed her the street where the new apartment would be situated and we walked into Friesdorf, where my parents would have to do their shopping.

Only 10 minutes walk from the place there is a swimming bath, 2 banks, 2 supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, a post office, kiosk and bus stops going to either Bonn or Bad Godesberg. She was a little overwhelmed I think but that is totally understandable, after all she spend the last 6 years in a village with only 6 buildings or so. We then walked back and talked about my cousin and her children, where Mom is staying at the moment. Oh, by the way, Dad has returned from his stay at the health spa, so he is staying there too at the moment.

Once we returned we had dinner – which is usually bread here in Germany. I went along with it and had 2 slices of bread with cheese. Then we had lots and lots of tea and talked and talked and talked until we eventually went to bed. I prepared my bed on the ground, while my Mom took the bed. Much to my surprise, Shorty follow me and took his usual spot next to my head, only this time he was a little confused about the location I guess. 😉

Kaya on the other hand decided to stay away and spend the night on the cat tree.

Despite the heater being on and the window closed, I got up in the middle of the night and tuned up the heater all the way, I was so cold … but hey, no incident that night. 😉

Anyway, the next morning after breakfast we went to Friesdorf again and did some shopping and spend the rest of the day talking and waiting. Waiting fo 3:30pm, when we could eventually get going and meet the realtor/landlord.

We also checked the site of the realtor and were shocked to find that the apartment he had invited us to look at, had been published – how dumb of us, we had thought that we were the only one to look at the place. No, we were not, there were 3 women and one man also interested in that flat and while my Mom was so excited and ready to basically show all her cards at once, I tried to signal her to wait with the “real” questions until the rest of them were gone.

The apartment was still furnished since the old lady who had lived there before, had been transferred to a nursing home only a couple of days before that. It was obvious that nothing had been done in that apartment for a while, like renovating. The wallpaper was yellowed and seemed as if it had been brought in the 70’s. So the place was in no good condition. By the way, here in Germany you don’t move into furnished apartments, when you move in, there is nothing in there, you basically always have to bring all your own stuff, even the kitchen. So you move into empty rooms, whenever you move. You can make a deal with the previous tenant and buy their kitchen if  they offer to sell it but if the old tenant wants to take his or her kitchen along you are forced to either make your own kitchen fit into the new rooms or buy a new kitchen.

Anyway, after the other people were gone we talked business and my Mom decided to take it. He said he would call me today and we then left.

We then took a cab to Bad Godesberg, had a Latte Macchiato in front of my Red Cross unit’s house and I then we walked to the train station and I took care she would get a seat in the train, since it was after work rush hour.

I felt a little bad leaving her in the train but I had to work today and spending another 40 € to accompany her and then take the train back to Bonn again would have been a little too much.

I took the bus back home but got off at Ronnie’s place and spend another 90 minutes at his place before I eventually walked home again. I took a shower, grabbed my cats and was off to bed.

This morning I had only arrived at work when I got a bunch of calls. First the head of my psychological attendant group called, informing me that I would be somehow responsible for organising the upcoming meetings of the group, since she would be on vacation for 4 weeks. Then my Red Cross unit boss called talking to me about the upcoming First Aid course this weekend and the assignments for St. Martin in the next week.

And then came the call I had been waiting for – the realtor!!


We decided to meet again on the 12th to sign the contract, so I am taking off that day again since my parents will both arrive on the 11th, stay over night and then take the train back after everything is done. Also some more good news, the realtor is going to give us 14 days to do the renovations and moving without having the pay rent. So in December – we can start renovating on December 1st – they will only have to pay half the rent.


So, this X-Mas, they will have their own place and all will be good. Hopefully. 😉

I am off to bed now, real tired. Everybody on the east cost – God bless and be safe.

Night folks.

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No, I am still here but it has been a little stressful these past week or so.

Now, what did I do? 8 days ago I went for a Red Cross duty next to the American school in the Rheinaue with Ronny. Weirdly enough it was a cricket event organised by a very nice Indian gentleman, I think his first name was Raymond. Nothing really happened and to be honest I am quite happy that nothing happened because those cricket balls are hit with quite some force. Raymond proved it by showing us his left hand ring finger that had been deformed by laying cricket for years and getting hit on a few occasions.

Hardly anyone around but that is due to the fact that hardly ever anybody plays cricket over here.

Actually us being there was weird because there were hardly 50 people playing the entire day.

Onur came to visit and brought some coffee from McDonald’s. Onur is the guy, whose army swearing-in I missed due to the problems with my father. But I think he forgave me. He is a great guy and will become a great doctor once he finishes his studies with the army.

Onur and me

I brought all my food for that day, had my muesli at home and brought all the rest along, so it’s fair to say that I managed to have a very good day food-wise.

We finished the assignment around 6:30 pm.

6:30 pm, eventually the games ended

Monday I went back to work. Sonja, my colleague who is fighting cancer at the moment came to visit and told us that she is still going to be on sick leave until January next year. I hope the best for her since cancer cells have also been found in her liver. Her brain is yet free of any cells – basically she is standing were my aunt was standing three years ago only she didn’t win. So I can only pray that Sonja will fight through it.

Then Jens, my other colleague called later that day and told me that he is also going to be sick for some more time. He has been sick for 4 weeks and it seems that something is wrong with his heart, which might make a surgery necessary, which would then again mean that he would also not come back this year. Gee, people seems to be dropping like flies around me. Olga is on vacation at the moment, which basically means that I am all alone for the next 2 weeks.

I also have had a sick day last week Thursday and had a day off on Friday, so I haven’t been in the office for 2 days, so when I returned to work today – well, let’s say it was bad. Fortunately I am still having 2 apprentices who are helping as much as they can at the moment.

The fact that apprentices have to help might mean more problems further down the way but there is nothing else I can do about it.

My boss even called today to ask how things are going and he did neither know about Jens sickness, nor about Sonja being on further sick leave until January. I do not believe that Sonja will be back next year, since several chemo do take a toll on the body, so I don’t believe that we will work at full power any time soon.

Anyway, last Tuesday I went for one of the first Carnival assignments with Ronny and Matthias, another friend. A band called Jodesberger Jungens was on performing, basically carnival music and it was quite nice.

Setting up the treatment area, first aid backpack, defibrillator and oxygen

That assignment ended at 1 am I think.

Getting less crowded

We didn’t have anything to do during that evening either but I was quite tired upon returning home because that day I just didn’t eat enough. I took on that assignment without preparation. Ronny asked me, when I had just returned from work. Food choices were good but just not enough.

Anyway, then on Wednesday, October 3rd was a public holiday here in Germany. This holiday has been created because of the German reunion. So I relaxed and had a nice and quite day. Tuesday I didn’t feel so good and came up with a stomach ache and some migraine. I guess that I just didn’t drink enough the previous day.

Also the entire last week I have been quite busy with sending stuff to the landlord of the place that I looked at some time ago. Doing this and that and getting this and that for my parents. I am quite stressed about getting the flat and have been having sleeping problems again recently. Like last night I turned and turned in my bed until it was almost 2 am – it’s obvious that I ended up oversleeping.

Oh and before I forget it, on Friday I went for the RingCon 11 in the Maritim hotel. The assignment started at 9 am and ended – well for me at least – at 1 am. Philip, the colleague I was there with actually stayed the entire night.

Craig Parker (he is in Spartacus and also acted in The Legend of the Seeker) and Mark Ferguson were there again – they are always so funny together. Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones) also attended and even Sean Astin (LotR – Samwise Gamshee).

Mistfits and one Zombie … 😉

Anyway but the best part for me, was this. 😉

We always help, even biting patients 😉

That’s it for today then, tomorrow I hope to write again. 🙂

Night folks!

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It’s 3:15 pm and actually I should be sleeping now but instead I am sitting here watching some TV and blogging about my food choices yesterday.

Well, now it’s too late anyway. It’s only a little more than one hour and I have to be leaving to get to Ronny. The both of us are on Red Cross duty this night. There is a university ceremony in the Maritim Hotel this evening and it probably won’t end before 4 am tomorrow.

It will be only Ronny and myself and I hope the crowd there will behave. I am not yet sure whether it’s going to be students at the event or their parents, so we’ll have to see.

I have to pick up Ronny, drop him at the vehicle hall and then drive back home to get changed. I am not going there in full uniform yet since the weather is terrible, lots of rain and since it’s an indoor event we chose to wear all white. That’s why we have to do a little bit more driving before changing. Ronny has no car, so we have to pick up a car at the vehicle hall first.

We could probably do it all with my scooter, but adding my weight, Ronny’s weight, a 25 pound emergency backpack and a bag with oxygen is stretching the capacities of my scooter a little too thin. 

Oh by the way, I haven’t yet written about the fact that I got a new pair of pants from my RC boss… AND … a new jacket but I will write about that tomorrow I guess.

Okay, I got to think about what to eat before I go…

Here what I had/did yesterday, I slammed that ZUMBA 2 with all I had…well, basically after 20 minutes I begged it to stop already. 😉

DAY 25

I hope you all enjoy your weekends.

The song of the day is the Wankelmut Remix of One Day

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Yesterday was a day I dreaded…

Let me explain, a couple of weeks ago Torsten, my instructor colleague, asked me whether I would take over one of his trainings for our Red Cross unit. The topic would be bandages. I agreed but told him that I would only do it, if he handed me the teaching material way before the training was due. That’s a pretty normal thing to ask, right. How could I teach something without having proper teaching materials, right?

Well, I have my reasons. Once before things didn’t go according to plan and I ended up teaching the Bad Godesberg Red Cross unit with as little as none preparation. I felt like I had been taken advantage of and that my reputation as an instructor was at stage. Torsten is considered odd by quite a few RC members and as much as I like him, I really don’t want to follow his footsteps in this regard.

Anyway…woops, let me do my ZUMBA first…

Okay, done, 45 minutes ZUMBA 2, which arrived yesterday.

Anyway, so yesterday was rather stressful. I went to work, had no time to even look at the bandage material that Torsten had sent me the night before, due to too much work as always. After work, I rushed home, fed the cats, called Ronny because we wanted to cook together, then grabbed some eggs, rushed to the supermarket to get milk, bread and coffee since Ronny was out of coffee and then rushed on to Ronny. While he prepared the scrambled eggs, I washed my hair over his bathtub with cold water. My hair was a mess, those of you who ride a scooter might know that your hair suffers considerably when the weather is hot and you have to put on a helmet several times.

When I was done, Ronny called from the kitchen, that dinner was ready… 😉

I think I really would like to cook/eat more often at Ronny’s. It was nice sitting together and share a meal. It was really nice. After the meal, which consisted of two eggs, scrambled up and two slices of toast for me, we went into his office and started working on the bandages. There were some kinds of bandages that I had never seen done in person. We laughed a lot, especially when I tried to bandage Ronny’s head and he ended up looking like a deranged mummy. 😈

We quickly decided tp drop the shoulder bandage, since we just couldn’t follow the instructions, it seems as if one passage was missing or something, I don’t know.

We had 30 minutes to practice, then Ronny had to take a shower, while I used Loseit! to type in the things I had that day. It was 6:15 pm, when we left his place and hopped on my scooter to get to our RC house and started preparing for the training.  

Despite the fact that I didn’t have much time to prepare for the course, people seemed to really enjoy it and all in all it was a great day.

Some of my victims… 🙂

Here some examples of what we did yesterday.

Here is how you shouldn’t do it!!

Bandage abuse… 😉

If you don’t get it yet, here is a close-up.

Should this be rated??

Err, no Robert this is also not it … We were all laughing like crazy and I think everybody had fun playing with the bandages. 😉 

Those sunglasses….Robert is such a joker at times…

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of how it should be done and I couldn’t find a proper picture on the internet to show you, so I will do that at a later time.

Now I am off to bed to get a good sleep. Tomorrow is Friday people. YAY!!

Sleep tight…

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Oh my, I am so tired today. Yesterday was super hectic but I am going to write about it in the following post, since this will again mainly cover my food intake and the exercise that I manage to fit into my day.

So here you go, the data on day 16…

DAY 16

As you can see, I did not workout yesterday but since I was standing in front of a class of 17 people in the late afternoon/evening and had to teach them about bandages, I declare this my workout for yesterday.

Yesterday it was just impossible to fit in any decent workout but more on that in the next post.

All is well…

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I have been planning to write about the training at weekend for a couple of days now, but time sure flies by and since my computer at home is still not working, my lunch break is just not sufficient to blog a whole lot about anything, but I’ll try my best.

When I got home on Friday, I was aware that I had to be in at the Bonn Red Cross headquarter for a “meeting” at 6 pm. I wasn’t aware though, that the meeting was actually a training and that this training would take the entire weekend. So imagine my utter surprise when the trainer welcomed us to a psychological attendant training “weekend”. I kept my expression neutral but inside my head, things were a little less calm.

I remember that I enrolled for a training a couple of month back, I guess I had just forgotten about the fact that this was the weekend. I had to push myself already just to show up on Friday. I hadn’t eaten before coming, which is also the reason why my Friday ended up way under 1900 calories. I was tired, hungry and moody due to TOM.

Almost the entire Friday I was twitching my feed nonstop and I am sure that was quite visible for the trainer. I am actually sorry that I was in such a bad mood but what could I have done. I was just thrilled to spend my entire weekend getting up at 5 am in order to manage at least some chores at home.

Actually I told the trainer on Saturday that I was in a rather bad mood and that I was sorry if it showed. He replied that nothing showed and that I was such a friendly person and whether I was even more friendly when not moody.

Well, I am not naive, I knew that he must have realized my twitching leg but he decided to play nice and I was okay with that.

Another reason why I didn’t really want to be there, was probably his teaching style. He introduced himself in a very, very, very mellow manner, holding his hand in front of his navel, – which by the way is where your hands are supposed to be most of the time when teaching, because this is considered a neutral/positive position for your hands. I went through the training to become an instructor, so I’ve learned that as well. His fingers where spread wide open, with the tips of his fingers touching each counterpart.

Claire de Lune was playing in the background, while he deliberately chose his words. He even paused whenever you would usually fill the silence with an “um” or “err”. I perceived the resulting silence as unnatural and artificial. 

So when he started his training like that, I was basically feeling defensive right away. Seriously I didn’t want to be there and the prospect of three days of this kind of teaching method, didn’t lighten my mood particularly!!

Anyway, things did change though, whether this was due to a slightly improved mood on my part, or the fact that he eventually became less controlled in his teaching method on Saturday. But the instructor was not the only reason why I started the weekend on bad terms. The remaining attendees, each and everyone is a member of the recently founded EKN Team, come from different Red Cross units and the units here in Bonn are rather competitive. I am in the Bad Godesberg unit and my unit is commonly disliked by the other units vice versa. It’s a long story, too long to tell just now though.

When we started the team, there were 6 people from Bad Godesberg all together, so we actually held the majority. Due to unclear statements, concerning what we will eventually do as an EKN team, 4 of my Bad Godesberg colleagues drop out of the team and one colleague was actually on vacation this past weekend. So I was the only member of Bad Godesberg around. I never thought it possible, when we first founded the group, but people avoided me. Nobody sat next to me, nor did they particularly talk to me during the breaks. I felt rather excluded the entire weekend.

I am not sensitive when people don’t like me because of my weight, that I can deal with, but last weekend was rather difficult for me in that regard. I am not sure whether I will remain a member of that team if things continue this way. Ah well, I don’t know. Is it because I am from Bad Godesberg, or because they just don’t like me, period. I have got no clue. I guess I never realized anything because during the other meetings I was never alone, there were always Bad Godesberg colleagues around, with whom I get along great.

Anyway, the training ended up being worthwhile, well, great actually, and I really learned a lot of things which I didn’t know before. For instance what different stages you have to go through when leading a conversation as a psychological attendant. Or the four sides of communication, which had been covered by a few other trainings before. It was really good to go over it again.

The four sides of communication – SOURCE: Wikipedia

I think I really want to continue that path and hope that the fact that I am from Bad Godesberg will – if it wasn’t my imagination – soon stop being an issue.

Now, why did I create the idea of honesty being a bad thing at times, with my title? I know, I know, at times, well most of the time actually, I end up writing a whole lot in order to explain something rather insignificant, don’t I? Sorry for that. 😉

Okay then, when the training came to an end and the instructor asked what we thought about the training, I guess I should have just said all was great and I enjoyed the entire experience, shouldn’t I…? Well, I thought he really wanted my honest opinion and that I should tell him to be fair.

Are you shaking your head in disbelieve as you read these line??

I DO!!

Didn’t I write somewhere in this post, that I am not naive…well, I guess at times I am! So I told him! I told him that I didn’t really like the, for my taste, overly mellow approach – since  this is not really my cup of tea, but all in all I really liked the training, because the atmosphere did change over the course of the three days and there were plenty of things that I am going to take along from this training, especially the different sides of communication and the 7 stages of a psychological approach for traumatized people.

Oh and I also mentioned that I would have like, had he kept the times for the breaks. His timetable announced the breaks but he always postponed them, like by 40 minutes, without actually announcing it. Okay, okay, I am being petty! Well but I said it nicely and after all, if you offer the chance to give feedback, shouldn’t you then accept feedback?

The thing is, despite the fact that I said it nicely, I didn’t anticipate that he might actually be annoyed with me afterwards. I also didn’t think about the fact that in Northrhine Westphalia there are not many instructors for these topics and I might most definitely meet him again at another training.  

After I was finished he smiled at me, seemingly accepting what I had said and we started cleaning up the room. When we were finished, I went outside and put my things into my scooter seat and then returned to say good-bye. I shook hands with the instructor and told him that I hope he wouldn’t take it personal and that I felt this way because I was just in a bad mood — thinking back now, I think this might have caused it — his final reaction.

He actually grinned at me with narrow eyes, – and I am quite good at reading people, – while he shook my hand and nodded in sync with every up and down movement of our hands. That was the moment, I realized that I had made a mistake and that sometimes honesty sure sucks!!

I am all the way to the right, behind me, the instructor…

 Well, let’s hope I learned from this incident…

All is really warm over here…

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