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Okay, I think I have had enough of trying to change everything at once. I am going to return to most of my “old” habits. I actually cancelled my last appointment with the nutritionist – not entirely though, I just changed the date. So my next appointment is in two weeks time on the 20th. These past four weeks I have been bouncing all about the place, even the slightest glance at anything “forbidden” send me spiralling out of control.

Can you imagine cheating your nutritionist with plain bread, or a tbsp of refined sugar in a skillet full of bell pepper?? I can and I did … and I payed the price for it, which was; thinking that now, since I cheated already I could just as well go all the way and have more bad stuff which I am usually not allowed. It was weird how I got from having sugar in my bell pepper, to devouring waffles or chocolate, or something. An office friend of mine told me to drop the nutritionist with the words – “She ain’t good for you Janet!”

Well, first of all … I am not going to drop her!! Well, to be honest, even if I wanted to get out, I don’t think I could get out of the contract I signed.

And seconds of all, I am not beat yet!!

So after three weeks of no progress, actually I took a few steps back I guess, I am starting with what I know and doing so meant also getting a new scale since Kaya peed my old one into oblivion. Yes, she actually peed on it and her urine went into the scale, and killed the display for good. 😦

Lovely cat, isn’t she. 😉

Anyway, so I ordered a new scale and am waiting for its arrival at the moment, I also ordered some cloth to get me motivated again and as of last Monday I am back on the wagon. All the changes she asked me to implement, the no salt, no sugar, no ice coffee and the forced times at which I am supposed to eat resulted in me hitting quite a few bumps on the road, to be exact I started craving things. Like crazy!!

The fact that I had to drop my ice coffee after work but at the same time refused to eat anything in its stead but had to wait until 6 pm before I was “allowed” to eat again caused hardcore cravings for me and I have to admit that I followed the cravings on quite a few occasions. Looks like I am still that old Janet from back when I started. It is quite sobering to see that I can easily fall back into old habits, even more so since I actually believed that I had changed beyond the point of breaking down again like that.

Anyway, since I have returned to my ice coffee I feel like I might be able to regain control. Oh and I also kicked the timing for my dinner. Now I start cooking when I get hungry and that’s it about that!!!

I had a talk with Ronny today and that made me fear that I might get to feel some heat from my nutritionist. Telling her that it was all too much … well, and that I returned to having ice coffee. I really feel the pressure at the moment since when it comes to weight-loss, I am the one who always wants to prove herself.

Well, we’ll see. Okay, what have I been up to recently. Lot’s of Red Cross is happening at the moment. Once I returned from work, I feed the cats, clean the litter box, then have about 20 minutes for my milk coffee before I change into my uniform and get going again. At the moment St. Martin is happening over here again, so we have processions every day. I was on duty Monday, Tuesday and today, Ronny and I are manning our small ambulance together and drive behind the procession in order to keep the following traffic from driving into the crowds.

Our small ambulance and Ronny

Lanterns at the side of the road

Also last weekend I instructed another first aid course for some Red Cross newbies, which turned out quite fun, despite me having to slap Torsten’s fingers since he kept interrupting my course.

Doing CPR with the help of a defibrillator

About the apartment for my parents, we are going to sign the contract on Monday. My parents will arrive on Sunday, stay over night and leave with the train after everything is settled.

Oh and by the way, after the realtor had called, telling me that we got the place, my sleeping problems disappeared and I haven’t had any further episodes of panic or alike and I hope it will stay this way. I am still going to make an appointment with my doctor to make sure since I am also interested to find out about my cholesterol levels due to all the meat I have been having these past few month. I will keep you updated on it and also try to become a regular writer again.

That’s it for today … ah one more thing, what do you guys think about the re-election of Obama, since I can only look at it from the outside, I would really like to hear about what you think.

Night folks!


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Don’t worry, this title is not supposed to suggest that I am going to change from Herbalife and healthy food to Sensa and healthy food, cause I am not!! 😉

I just discovered this Sensa Sprinkle Diet online while surfing the net. I was trying to find some new weight-loss stories on youtube, when I came across the word Sensa. Mh, has some new diet passed me by, or what? Well, I am sure that plenty diets have been developed, and sunk into oblivion since I started my weight-loss journey, I have just been too occupied with my own journey to actually listen for anything new.

I was interested, so I checked a few youtube videos on this subject.

This video is obviously a promotional video from Sensa themselves.

Okay, so the Sensa Sprinkle Diet is supposed to work by sprinkling crystals on your food, those crystals contain  Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors, FD&C Yellow 5, and Carmine. It was created by Allan Hirsch, MD.

For those of you, you haven’t heard of it yet. Sensa is a 6 month weight-loss program,…

…designed to enhance the user’s sense of smell to increase satiety and prevent overeating.

Each month of Sensa consists of a unique blend of salty and sweet food crystals called “Tastants” that are sprinkled on everything the customer normally eats. The Tastants are meant to speed up the process of feeling full to help users eat less.

Customers receive two shakers of Tastants per month. The company urges customers to leave one shaker at home while taking the second shaker with them, thereby reducing the likelihood of the customer forgetting to use the product. Sensa Starter Kits also come with an instructional DVD and how-to guide.

Obviously Sensa encourages it’s customers to continue their current diet and they have no meal plans, or prepackaged food. Also you are not supposed to count your calories…

Yet they encourage portion control. Nothing wrong there, right?? But do I need to pay 235 $ for a six month program to teach me portion control??

I don’t think so. MH, I am sure there are people who have been successful with doing Sensa but for me it’s just no option. I want to lose weight naturally – I know I am using Herbalife, right, so whose talking?? For me all the vitamins and minerals in Herbalife do the trick, so I know that I am not lacking anything. Of course some of the vitamins might be artificially created for Herbalife but something that enhances taste is too artificial for me. Sorry.

I don’t know what to think of stuff like this, but when every dietician is telling you that glutamate is essentially not good for you, something that enhances taste, really reminds me of glutamate and I am putting enough artificial stuff into my digestive system as it is.

What do you think of this – well it’s not a diet, so let’s call it option. Has anyone tried it before??

Finally I’d like to say that, due to my experience when I used to fast, I am very conscious about the things I do to my body, in regard to what it might do to my body, so Sensa is definitely nothing for me. After all, I would worry, that enhanced taste might make me eat more, rather than less… 😉

All is well and enjoy the rest of they day wherever you are…

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While surfing the net during the weekend I found several interesting sites. My site of choice was YouTube.  There are basically hundreds of people using YouTube as a mouthpiece on their weight loss journey. Some are really fun to watch like the clips from allisonsfat, and others are just outright scary like the weight related videos from the user aaroncohen who basically started fasting as a tribute to God. I think she started with a weight of 199 lbs…where she ended can be seen if you follow the link. I believe everybody should be allowed to live his or her believes as they see fit (and I don’t really want to make this post about God) but sometimes one reason can disguise another reason altogether. I can only hope that aaroncohen found the strength to either stop fasting, or found the courage within herself to ask for help.

I don’t want to make this post about bad ways of loosing weight, since the reason I started this blog, was to find the much needed support to gain back control over my eating habits, but I believe that we have to be aware of possibly overdoing it.

Some years back I did my fair share of fasting. Not as rigorously as aaroncohen though. I didn’t only drink water but had milk, juice and vegetable stock regularly. All went well up to the point where I had overdone it. I was sitting at home, watching some TV, not really doing anything when I suddenly experienced a long irregular heartbeat. I had to take a deep breath in order to stabilize my heart again. It was really scary and my weight wasn’t that low. I was 180 lbs then. I know that I would have continued to fast, had my heart not given me a rude wake-up call back then. And I know that I would have ended up wanting more and more weight loss and that I would have gone beyond a healthy weight. Even though I don’t consider myself a person that easily succumbs to addictions, I know that slipping into it happens in the very sense of the word…

Ever since then, I have been really careful about doing diets. I guess at that point I started realizing that I had to change myself, rather than change diets all the time. It took a few more years to really sink in, but now I am here.

After this gloomy part I want to show you the reason why the title actually somewhat differs from what I wrote up to this point. Apart from the aforementioned users I also found the user tylerolo on YouTube and this video sparked my interested.

He mentions his tips on loosing weight and one tip in particular felt like a revelation to me… 🙂 Well, I am clearly exaggerating here. Anyhow, once a week he would allow himself to eat something that he craved. I think in his case it was fast food.

That sounds splendid, does it now??

What do you think? Is what you crave, once a week – therefore in moderation – a good idea?

I am wondering. If I were to allow myself something  that I crave once a week, will my healthy food choices be supported or rather hindered? 

By the way, I am not talking about binge eating on one day but one sensible choice once a week. For instance I do like subs from Subway, and despite the fact that they are not really unhealthy, I refrain from eating them sine they are not part of  my “healthy” food choices because they are fast food. 

What do you think??

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