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I just came across this HBO series and thought it was quite thought-provoking and somewhat motivational. So here you go, another YouTube share.

Stigma: The Human Cost of Obesity

1. Consequences

2. Choices

3. Children in Crisis

4. Challenges

I am off to do my shores now, after all Mom and Dad will arrive tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend everybody.


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I am going to make it a habit, blogging weight-loss related videos that I find on YouTube. I have already blogged about the British TV series “Supersize vs Superskinny“, which I find very inspirational and motivational on top. So yesterday I found another British TV show, which obviously started airing a couple of days ago. So here you go.

Source: BBC

The Men Who Made Us Fat – BBC2

The Men Who Made Us Fat is a documentary series which sees Jacques Peretti attempting to trace those who are responsible for revolutionising our eating habits, to find out how decisions made in America 40 years ago influence the way we eat today.
Jacques makes his way to the United States to investigate the story of High Fructose Corn Syrup. The sweetener was championed during 1970s by Richard Nixon’s Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz to make use of the excess corn grown by farmers. British nutritionist John Yudkin was one of the first to raise the dangers of sugar but his findings were discredited in the United States at the time. During 1970s Britain, food manufacturers used advertising campaigns to promote the idea of snacking between meals. QUOTE http://www.tvrage.com
Sorry for the link but wordpress seems to have problems implementing videos at the moment, so just follow the links for the time being.
All is well on my side of the world and I am going to try up my calorie intake as suggested by shadowrun. So I am experimenting again. Well, I am getting there, I will!!

Enjoy your Tuesdays people. 😉

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When Ian Somerhalder needs to use the bathroom



Girl I: “Oh my God, look, there he is…!”

Girl II: “Ian…Ian…!”

Girl I: “Oh-my-god!!! Did you see that, he actually looked at me…looked me right in the eyes…!”

Girl II: “Oh isn’t he gorgeous!? He is so handsome…”

Girl I: *Starts sobbing* “He looked at me!” 

Another girl walks by, guided by, what seems to be her mother. Both are smiling. The daughter seems to be someplace else, her eyes are slightly tilted upwards, towards the ceiling , where heavy, elaborate chandeliers are hanging from a mirrored ceiling.

Girl with Mom: “He was so warm…and real…and he smelled so good Mom… and when he hugged me for the picture, he really meant it Mom.” Tears start glittering in the girls eyes. “I can still feel his arms around my shoulders Mom…!”

The girl and her Mom walk out of earshot of Girl I and Girl II, whose faces have drastically changed. Girls I is no longer sobbing, instead, her face is distorted with anger. On her red cheeks there are traces of tears, while her eyes follow the Girl/Mom tag-team, pure hatred in her eyes. Girl II is almost sobbing now, her lips are trembling and her eyes are filled with blazing hatred and despair, while her fists are clenched.

 – The End –

Now, while this story might be pure fiction, and believe me is it, I am quite positive that this situation is not very far-fetched from my experience last Sunday at the Bloody Diaries Con in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn, Germany.

And to clarify things here, I DID NOT scream!! 😉

No, seriously, I didn’t. Actually I didn’t even know that there was a new convention in the Maritim Hotel until last Thursday, when my RC boss asked me whether I could attend. Reluctantly I agreed to go. Well, I actually don’t really like assignments on a Sunday, because the day before the working week starts again, I usually like to relax and enjoy my day off to the fullest, so I wasn’t really keen on doing this assignment.

The logo of the con…

Brenig, an old friend who only recently started to rekindle our friendship joined the assignment as well and eventually Kevin also wanted to come, but of course he didn’t want to go unless I was coming too. He told me before that he didn’t really knew whether he would get along with Brenig and therefore he would only go, if I were to come as well. So I had to go.

Outside the Maritim Hotel

I didn’t know that Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Dawn Olivieri, Kayla Ewell, Zach Roerig and Mark Ferguson were coming to the convention. But to be honest I didn’t really care. I have seen my fair share of actors during quite a few conventions and they are all humans just like the rest of us. I was happy to see Mark Ferguson as Master of Ceremony though. It’s been a year or so, since I last saw him and usually he comes to the Maritim conventions as a guest. Most of the time he comes with Craig Parker and they are hilarious together, seriously. 😉

Anyway, I didn’t get to see any panel unfortunately, because most of the time we were positioned in a room with Ian Somerhalder during his many foto sessions  – and there were four – and I estimate that he took pictures with about 2000, mostly female visitors of the con. I was surprised to see that he was still smiling and really generous with his words, even after 2000 trembling and sobbing girls which he had hugged during the foto sessions.

So it is “Janet-approved”!! Even under stressful situations, Ian Somerholder “can” be the nicest bloke. 😉

The line to the Ian Somerhalder foto session no. 2

Well, and if we weren’t at the foto sessions, we were in the huge Maritim hall, were the other actors signed autographs. So basically we were busy all the time. I think all in all we had 6 patients, whereas one patient came twice.

Let me remember…we were in the foto session room, when Kevin went back to our room and soon after we had to rush back as well. Kevin was alone in the room with a female patient and obviously he had felt a little overwhelmed, he sure seemed relieved to see us.

The patient had been brought to us because of breathing problems and while I was happy to just assist Kevin, he soon turned her over to me and I was left asking the questions, while Brenig and Kevin were called outside again because of another patient. While I slowly figured out that all the symptoms of “my” patient pointed towards a hyperventilation – oh yeah, I remember my own hyperventilation a couple of weeks ago – Kevin and Brenig returned with a slight alcohol intox, as we call it. They brought another female patient who did have a little too much alcohol the night before and she was suffering from a bad hangover.

So all in all we had to bandage a foot, cool a calf, allow a person with dizziness to lay down on our stretcher for some time. Again and again I heard them say that they hadn’t eaten all day…WTH?? Drinking enough also seemed to be a weird idea to them. Then we had a few people ask for painkillers, which we don’t do, neither have. You have to understand, that drugs are not in our job description. 😉

There was one more patient which I can’t remember because Brenig and Kevin did that.

When we were eventually seated in the Maritim hall, the female with the hyperventilation was again brought to us….*DAMN* She was again hyperventilating, well at least she had the symptoms but her breathing was almost normal when we reached our room. Before, I had told her exactly what a hyperventilation looks like and now, all of a sudden, she had all the possible symptoms but without having been overly excited, as she reported. Since she had also reported that her heart had been going crazy without any apparent reason, we thought it wiser to call an ambulance to have her checked out.

And as soon as the crew arrived, she suddenly came up with more stuff, pointing ONLY at hyperventilation, which made me look really stupid!!! Because I was the highest medically trained person among the three of us, of course it was my place to turn crimson… 😦

I wouldn’t have called the ambulance, had she actually told me those things before, but even though I asked the right questions she didn’t tell me. I felt quite defensive towards the ambulance crew but they were cool and didn’t give me any shit. They checked her oxygen and …there you go 100%…clearly a hyperventilation. Even before the oxygen had been checked she had refused to go with the ambulance crew.

Well, the crew eventually left and I explained to her again, actually I explained it THREE times, what a hyperventilation is and how to counteract it. I gave her two bags, to take along and told her to stay away from Ian or Paul for the time being. 😉

I am sure she would have enjoyed staying with us for the rest of the day but she was fine and we can’t keep the room occupied for too long, after all there were 4000 more people out there.

So we returned to the Maritim hall and managed to sit through the entire closing ceremony, which lasted only 30 odd minutes.

The room slowly filling up

Unfortunately my pictures are rather bad, since we were seated at the side in order to get out faster if need be.

I just love it when Mark speaks German… 😉

 Of course the crowd was screaming like hilariously whenever there was anything remotely to do with Ian Somerhalder on stage. I regret to inform you that Paul Wesley didn’t receive as loud a reaction.

Anyway, we left the con at around 6:15 pm and I was happy to get home because this had been one busy con for my colleagues and myself. I think if I remember correctly, then there will be another Bloody Diaries Con next year. 😉 So, I’ll be there and if any of you decide to come over then, I’ll volunteer to be your guide people. 😉

All is well and I am off to ZUMBA people…

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It’s been a couple of weeks now, since I was searching the net for inspirational material and I ended up on YouTube, as so often. 😉

I don’t know whether any of you are particularly into British Television. As for myself, I actually like the British approach to things and every now and then I discover something nice over there, that really motivates me.

Of course the American market has nice things to offer as well, but it’s quite difficult to get your hands on American TV shows on a regular basis. I mean, I obviously there is too much to buy it all and the shipping is a financial disaster at times, right? also I am sure, I hardly hear of all the interesting TV formats. Every so often I get to glimpse at weight-loss material from the oversea market by means of YouTube but I never get to dive in, because usually that material is deleted within days.

I remember by the beginning of 2011, I discovered the American TV show “Heavy” on YouTube. The few scenes I was actually able to watch on YouTube, really gave me that extra kick to get into the mood again.

So a couple of weeks ago, I discovered something nice and it’s British. Don’t ask me what I was actually looking at, before following a few more links, cause I seriously don’t remember. It’s a British TV show that seems to be in its 5th season at the moment. It’s called Supersize vs Superskinny. Well, I am not particularly fond of “The Biggest Loser“, there are a few things I don’t really like about that show. Especially the fact that people are kicked off if they don’t lose enough. I also don’t particularly like the design of the show, everything is so over exposed I think. Ah, well, I can’t watch it anyway, since they don’t air it over here. One German channel tried to air a German version of Biggest Loser and it didn’t work out, people weren’t watching.

Anyway, you might say that Supersize vs Superskinny is not that much different, on the over exposure part, yeah well, might be, might be. It seems to me that it has a little more dignity to the show’s concept, but hey, that’s just my point of view, you might all have a different opinion and that is okay. 😉

Okay, a few more words about the show.

One of the main show features is a weekly comparison between an overweight person, and an underweight person. The two are brought to a feeding clinic, and live together for five days, swapping diets all supervised by Dr Christian Jessen. SOURCE: Wikipedia

Now, let’s go back to YouTube in all this. I actually found entire episodes on YouTube!! YAY!!! So I thought it might be nice to just share it here, so here you go. Enjoy watching and tell me what you think about it.

Episode 5×01 PART 1

Episode 5×01 PART 2

Episode 5×01 PART 3

Episode 5×01 PART 4

By the way I started ZUMBA again yesterday, eventually being ache free again… 😉

All is well…

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